Arcturus Software - Software Consulting

Arcturus Software, owned by Steve Riley, provides quality software solutions for your company. Solutions from web pages, windows services, windows applications, and reports.


I use Visual Studio with C#, ASP.Net, javascript, JQuery, AJAX, MVC pages using Razor, ReportViewer, Linq, and more. I'm also knowledgable in classic ASP.


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or other databases. I usually use Microsoft SQL Server, and am familiar with stored procedures, functions, triggers, SQL Jobs, and much more. I'm familiar with database tuning techniques to find the queries taking the most time, and finding indexes that need to be added to speed up database queries.


I'm familiar with Application Program Interfaces (API's), to connect to such systems as PayPal, credit card companies such as and USAEPay, bulk email providers, and more. I'm also familiar with using a SOAP interface to securely connect with an external API.